Welcome to the Guadalupe County Humane Society.

We are a no-kill shelter operating within humane guidelines dedicated to housing and caring for misplaced animals until a qualified loving home is found for them.  Donations are appreciated, as we are a privately operated Shelter and do not receive City, County, State or Federal Funds.


A Glance of upcoming events!

GCHS Garage/Rummage Sales Are Very Successful!


This year 2017 has been an amazing year so far for our fundraising garage/rummage sales of $31,990.34! Our January 5th and 6thsale raised $6,159.72. Our April 6th & 7th sale raised

an amazing $$9,825.37! Our July 6th & 7th sale raised $7,346.90 and our October 5th & 6th sale raised $8,658.35!  We are so grateful for the generous donations of items from our community.

Proceeds from these successful events help sustain our day-to-day operations as well as support our low-cost spay and neuter program. This was only possible due to the donations,

the hard work by our volunteers, the Seguin Silver Center for allowing us to use their facilities, and to the community for coming out and purchasing from our sale.

All of these proceeds came from items that were very reasonably priced and we are very grateful for those who donated items, worked the sales, and made the purchases!

These sales not only help support our shelter, but they also provide good useable household items, knickknacks, toys, and clothing to our customers at very reasonable prices.

These sales are a great way to bring people of our community together!


Current/Ongoing Events!

Seguin Elected the 2017-2018 Dog Ambassador

The community came together again for the inauguration party to elect a beautiful gental giant named “BUDDY”  owned by Dana Hall,

of You’re So Crafty, as the new Seguin Dog Ambassador!


This was the 9th year for the contest which benefits the Guadalupe County Humane Society, and is sponsored by Thunderpaws Canine Solutions.

Thank you, Seguin!  With your help, the 2017 Dog Ambassador Election raised over $3,100 for the GCHS!  We have such a wonderful community!  

Thanks to all who participated, and a HUGE thanks to all the candidates!

This brings the 9-year total to $55,555.00 raised from this event to support GCHS!

Many thanks to Thunderpaws, all those who entered and voted to support this annual fundraising event for GCHS! 


Other entrants who raised funds for the event were 1st runner up TRIXIE, owner by Mr & Mrs Joe Renner, LILO, owner by Hepzibah Hoffman-Rogers,




BRAILLE, owned by Kelly Kenney, and BOOMER, owner by Jacque Ramey. 




In Memory of Beau Jangles Seguin Dog Ambassador 2015-2015

In Memory of Beau Jangles    Beau Jangles made his way to the Rainbow Bridge on September 14, 2017. 

Sweet tempered Beau was two years old when June Hall adopted him from the Guadalupe County Humane Society.

 They had 14 wonderful years of companionship, and many adventures and memories made.  Beau was a small dog of big heart. 

He left a huge footprint on our family’s heart. Beau proudly served as Seguin Ambassador for 2014-2015. During his campaign for that position,

Beau ran on a platform pledging to shamelessly promote the G.C.H.S. and to help to improve the lives of dogs and the people who love them. 

He enjoyed the activities associated with his ambassadorship, especially riding in parades with his mistress.

Announcing the GCHS Boutique!

GCHS is very fortunate to have amazing items donated to us that are more suited for a resale boutique shop than our garage/rummage sales. 

 At the suggestion of, and with the hard work of one of our volunteers, JoAnn Sannipoli, GCHS is happy to announce that since July we have 2 amazing booths at UNIQUE BOUTIQUE

at 218 Kingsbury St, in Seguin TX.  The store is open daily from 10:00am until 5:00pm.  Please stop by and see our booths!  All proceeds go to support our no-kill shelter. 

We have some great stuff for sale!

Thank You for the Donations

Many Thanks to Saddle Sisters for bringing us these amazing donations!                         Thanks to Clear Springs Elementary for stopping by and sharing your appreciation for us!                                    …

We need donations of Purina Kitten Chow

Please consider donating a bag of Purina Kitten Chow and dropping it off at the shelter, 2484 N. State Hwy 46 – Seguin, Texas 78155, Tuesday through Saturday between the hours of 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. or, please call 830-372-2055, if you need us to pick up your donation.