Seguin Elected the 2017-2018 Dog Ambassador

The community came together again for the inauguration party to elect a beautiful gental giant named “BUDDY”  owned by Dana Hall,

of You’re So Crafty, as the new Seguin Dog Ambassador!


This was the 9th year for the contest which benefits the Guadalupe County Humane Society, and is sponsored by Thunderpaws Canine Solutions.

Thank you, Seguin!  With your help, the 2017 Dog Ambassador Election raised over $3,100 for the GCHS!  We have such a wonderful community!  

Thanks to all who participated, and a HUGE thanks to all the candidates!

This brings the 9-year total to $55,555.00 raised from this event to support GCHS!

Many thanks to Thunderpaws, all those who entered and voted to support this annual fundraising event for GCHS! 


Other entrants who raised funds for the event were 1st runner up TRIXIE, owner by Mr & Mrs Joe Renner, LILO, owner by Hepzibah Hoffman-Rogers,




BRAILLE, owned by Kelly Kenney, and BOOMER, owner by Jacque Ramey. 




In Memory of Beau Jangles Seguin Dog Ambassador 2015-2015

In Memory of Beau Jangles    Beau Jangles made his way to the Rainbow Bridge on September 14, 2017. 

Sweet tempered Beau was two years old when June Hall adopted him from the Guadalupe County Humane Society.

 They had 14 wonderful years of companionship, and many adventures and memories made.  Beau was a small dog of big heart. 

He left a huge footprint on our family’s heart. Beau proudly served as Seguin Ambassador for 2014-2015. During his campaign for that position,

Beau ran on a platform pledging to shamelessly promote the G.C.H.S. and to help to improve the lives of dogs and the people who love them. 

He enjoyed the activities associated with his ambassadorship, especially riding in parades with his mistress.

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